Voice Actor Steve Blum talks bringing Wolverine, Starscream and Amon to life

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When I was at Eirtakon I interviewed so many wonderful and interesting people. Cosplayers, artists and V/O Actors. While I was  there I got the  opportunity to interview one of the greats of voice  over acting, Mister Steve Blum. Steve  has been a voice actor for almost 20 years and in those 20 years Steve has been the man behind many great characters, Wolverine, Starscream, BlackWarGreymon and many, many more.

I am serious, Steve Blum has done a crazy amount of work over the years. When we sat down and talked about his career I thought I had figured out how many roles Steve had had  over the years but I was out by a few hundred. Steve got talking about his career, explaining his love for all the characters he has brought to life over the years, most recently when he played Amon, the blood bender from Avatar: The Legend of Korra. With that series the creative team and Steve worked together to create a nuanced and complex  character who will be remembered for a very long time.

Steve Blums many voices.
Steve Blums many voices.

Steve Blum then gave me some insight into his life, explaining how he never saw himself becoming a voice actor and how it was a happy accident. He then went in to  detail about his family and how the majority of them are academics  and that he was almost a doctor. Having given a fantastic interview and then giving one last little bit of fan service Steve then continued the convention signing autograph after autograph and doing panel  after panel. I hope you enjoy the video and please comment below and let us know who your favourite Steve Blum voiced character is.

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