Video Games on Sale for Holidays

We all love video games, and we can all agree that Quarter 4 is practically a death sentence to our wallets because of all the great games coming out. This year has been especially unkind to most of us because of the next gen consoles. No wonder we welcome the warm embrace of the holidays, for the days leading up to the 25th have stores scrambling to sell you their product at awesomely cheap prices. It’s weird, actually. The sales draw us it, but we spend just as much as if we were buying one or two regularly priced video games. The only difference is that we have maybe one or two more games.

Steam gamers are lucky to have the Summer Sale — it’s practically a holiday to them — when the rest of us console and portable gamers have to schlep for awesome deals for decent video games towards the end of the year. Even then it’s like playing Russian Roulette; you never know what’s going to get a good deal or when (I could use a box of chocolates right about now). You just gotta keep your eyes wide open until you’re as all-knowing as Ozymandias’ from The Watchmen. Pickins are slim if you already have half (or more) of what’s on the list. Never the less, there is always something up for grabs that pique your interest and urge you to spontaneously buy, just ’cause.

Gravity Falls packing on the floor
This is how I feel after looking through so many deal offers.

The good, and diligent, people at Kotaku made a huge list of games and accessories that are getting the Holiday Deal treatment — they had me at Borderlands 2. You’ll see why in a minute. Here are a list of games on sale you didn’t know you wanted:




Xbox 360

Wii U




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Kristen Wiig pass out .gif

Wow…that was a lot.

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