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The Ultimate Gift Guide For THE WALKING DEAD Fans

The Walking Dead is a huge pop culture phenomenon, that completely dominates cable and continues to garner herds of fans. If you know someone who loves this show, check out our awesome gift guide for the Walker in your life and make their Christmas a zombified one this year!

(SPOILERS, warning! If you haven’t actually watched the show and are buying something for someone and do want to watch the show, proceed with caution because there are spoilery descriptions!)


1. Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-Ray, Governor Tank

The Governor was introduced in season 3 and was played by the ever so lovely David Morrissey, and became a character we all loved to hate. The moment where we saw him sitting and starring at his tank full of walker heads we were all completely disgusted, but also somewhat intrigued at his weirdness. This is surely something a hardcore fan would love to store in their entertainment room or their room in general.

Buy it here.


2. The Complete First Season Special Edition with Zombie Mask

Continuing with the awesome special editions, this one is pretty damn awesome too! If you’re a high roller who is willing to dish out plenty of money for the walker in your life, you can get the Governor tank and this special edition together! Or you can just get one or the other.

Buy it here.



3. The Walking Dead Compendium One

If the walker in your life hasn’t read the comics yet, get them this compendium which gets them started with the first 8 volumes #’s 1-48.

Buy it here.


4. Volume 1 of the Comics Issues 1-6

If you don’t want to get the compendium, start them off with the first volume of the comics!

Buy it here.


5. Funko Figures and Plush Dolls

Amazon has a herd of figures and plush dolls of various Walking Dead characters and the major walkers from the show. You can get Rick, Daryl, Merle, Michonne, The Governor, Zombies, Glenn, Michonne’s pets, and many more!

Find all of them here.


6. Telltale Series for X-Box and Others

Perfect gift for the gamer in your life! The games are award winning and very awesome!

Buy it here and get more versions here.


7. The Walking Dead Posters

Any fan of the show would love to put up posters all over their rooms or entertainment rooms to show off their love for the show! Amazon has a cool selection of various posters.

Buy them here.


8. The Walking Dead Clothing

Amazon has a huge selection of shirts. Let the fan in your life show off how much they truly love the show with a shirt, sweater, or any other kind of clothing.

Find them here.


9. The Walking Dead Books

The Walking Dead books are also quite a lovely read and focus a lot on the Governor and how he became who he is.

Buy The Road to Woodbury, Rise of the Governor and The Fall of the Governor: Part 1.


10.  The Sun’s Coming Up… Like A Big Bald Head, Norman Reedus’ Photography Book

This isn’t a Walking Dead related thing, but Norman Reedus, who stars as Daryl Dixon on the show, has this photography book out and it’s a nice book to get the Daryl fan or Walking Dead fan in your life who adores him. Norman is a brilliant photographer and has a very interesting way of story telling with his photography. It’s awesome.

Buy the book here.


Leave your comments in the comments section below! Is there anything else that should be in this list? Will you be getting anything from this list?


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