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The Ultimate Gift Guide For DOCTOR WHO Fans

Doctor Who is one of the biggest and most popular shows on TV and it’s gained a huge fanbase recently with the show celebrating its 50th anniversary. If you know a Whovian in your life, but don’t know what you should get him or her, check out our list of fantastic Who gifts that you can get the person for Christmas this year!

Now lets GERONIMO into the list:


1. The Day of The Doctor

The epic 50th anniversary episode aired on the 23rd of November to record viewings! It was incredibly well done, with the 11th Doctor Matt Smith, his companion Clara played by Jenna Coleman and appearances by the 10th Doctor David Tennant and his companion Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf played by Billie Piper with John Hurt as the War Doctor, Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart, Ingrid Oliver as Osgood, Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth I and a quick appearance by the next Doctor Peter Capaldi, all the former Doctor’s via archived footage and a very amazing appearance by the 4th Doctor Tom Baker. Any Whovian out there definitely will want this. It’s perfect as either a gift under the tree or even a stocking stuffer! Read our review of the episode here.

Buy it here on Blu-Ray 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack and DVD.


2. Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Gift set

This is definitely something a Whovian would love to find under the Christmas tree! You can get this gift set which comes with series 1-7, featuring the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors with their companions and epic stories, comics, art cards and it also comes with a universal remote control sonic screwdriver! This is what I’d want under my tree.

Buy it here or here.


3. The 4th Doctor’s Scarf

Any Whovian out there, who also loves the classic doctors, will tell you that they’d love to have the 4th Doctor’s iconic awesome scarf. Not only is it perfect for cosplaying, but it’s also quite a nice looking scarf for everyday wear! Your loved one will make an epic fashion statement!

Buy it here.


4. The Doctors Revisited 9-11

The 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors are responsible for launching the current run of Doctor Who after its hiatus after the movie that was released. Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith brought an amazing new vibe to the series with their respective runs as The Doctor. Many current Whovians became fans once Christopher Eccleston began his short, but fantastic run as the Doctor so this DVD is the perfect gift for the Whovians who adore them.

Buy it here.


5. Dalek Projector Alarm Clock

Do you know a Whovian who has a hard time waking up in the mornings? Problem solved! This awesome Dalek alarm clock is surely the coolest way to wake up! Exterminate the oversleeping. Honestly, any Whovian would love to have this.

Buy it here.


6. 11 Doctor’s 5 Inch Collectors Action Figure Set

This is one of the best gift ideas for any Whovian out there. To be able to have all 11 of the Doctor’s as action figures is fantastic. For the Whovian kids out there, they’ll be able to have a fun time playing with these action figures and pretending to be one of them! It’s perfect as a solid gift under the tree or you can do something clever and have one doctor in different areas of your house and have them look for it.

Buy it here.


7. Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

Any true Whovian would love to start a collection of sonic screwdrivers! Start their collection of right with the 10th Doctor’s awesome sonic screwdriver. It’s perfect for cosplay, playing, and just collecting in general. It also makes a pretty awesome sonic noise, so it’ll feel realistic!

Buy it here.


8. Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

Keep the sonic collection growing and get the 11th Doctor’s sonic!

Buy it here.


9. The Master’s Laser Screwdriver

The Master is an awesome villain that was played recently by John Simm during David Tennant’s run as the 10th Doctor. It’s a unqiue screwdriver and looks pretty awesome. It can be added to the collection the Whovian in your life will/might have. Also, you can get other sonic screw drivers from past doctors! Check out Amazon for plenty more.

Buy it here.


10. River Song’s Tardis Journal

Everyone would love a Tardis journal! Why not get one like the one River Song had? This is surely something to make the Whovian in your life smile. If the Whovian in your life is a kid, they’ll be pretty excited to use it as a diary or everyday journal.

Buy it here.


11. Eleven Doctors Poster

You can find plenty of posters online, specially at Amazon, and this one is probably one of the best ones out there! It features silhouettes of all 11 doctors with the companions, monsters and things each doctor had faced during their run. It’s a beautiful poster that is perfect for any Whovian out there.

Buy it here.


Leave your comments in the comments section below! Is there anything else that should be in this list? Will you be getting anything from this list? For more Doctor Who gift ideas, check out’s DW section!



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