Two Spin-offs from ARROW you didn’t know you wanted

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Be warned many spoilers for Arrow are ahead. Stay  away until you’ve caught up on Arrow. Ready? Okay here we go.Well the mid -season finale of Arrow  has come and gone, Barry Allen made a fantastic debut and then left. Oliver got his ass kicked by Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy then dealt with him brutally thanks  to Tommy giving him a rousing speech from beyond the grave and oh yeah, Slade is alive and has been revealed to  be the mastermind behind Oliver’s woe’s this season. With this new season Arrow has kicked everything up to eleven, introducing superheroes and supervillains, Solomon Grundy, Professor Ivo, Black Canary and Pre Flash Barry Allen and  raising the action and intrigue to dizzying heights.

So when the mid-season finale was over I took some time to reflect on the second season of Arrow. Between teasing Ra’s Al Ghul and introducing super powered villains Arrow  has shown itself as a unique comic book inspired series. Arrow has shown that it can walk that tightrope between giving  gripping story-lines that are grounded in reality and then flipping them on their head and making fantastical characters like the Flash come to life and still it seems organic. Few series have done that, Smallville figured it out towards the end and unfortunately Agents Of Shield has yet to find the balance.

The main thing I have taken from season two of  Arrow so far is this, the opportunity for spin-offs are almost limitless. How have I come to this conclusion you might ask. I’ll give you two reasons.

bioshock infinite
She is very cool.

Sarah Lance has been introduced as Black Canary and unlike Huntress she is an interesting and fun character with a cool back-story and not only that she has four years of an origin story to build  on which would be great. Also she is one of the few characters to come face to face with Ra’s Al Ghul and with that you  could  easily have her supporting cast include Talia Al Ghul and maybe just maybe if they want to connect all of Warner Bros. and DC a newly revived Jason Todd who could be a love interest for Sarah. With the League of Assassins as her supporting cast and a four year time period Sarah Lance’s story could set the foundation for future stories for Oliver and his crew. Finally, it would be nice for a change to  see  a super-heroines origin and Black Canary  has already proven she is worthy of that responsibility.

A Villain is born

Slade  Wilson has been shown alive and well, imbued with super human strength, enhanced senses, regenerative capabilities and a nifty eye patch that would make Nick Fury cower in fear. Now with Slade alive we have another opportunity for Arrow to capitalise on. Introduce the villains journey. Imagine it, a villain with a whole series dedicated to his gestation as a person of power. The whole series could show his descent into nothingness and then his rise into what he has  become. Tell me right now you’re not interested in finding out how Slade got off that island especially after Oliver  said he burned his body. There are  so many possibilities with Slade as the lead in his own series, an excellent example would be for him to search the globe for people like himself. This would introduce the Teen Titans, his Titans, a team he brings together to take down Oliver and his gang. Slade has had four years to train and prepare for the next time he encounters his friend I honestly can’t imagine him not masterminding a huge elaborate scheme to bring down Arrow. This would be the final stage of Slade’s evolution from hero to merciless villain, then all we would need is him to don his trademark mask.

So what do you think? Can these two characters help expand the ever growing universe that Arrow is building? Who do you think should be introduced to the Arrow universe next and finally, Did you like me cry a little when Tommy was on-screen for those few moments?

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