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SNL Highlights: Paul Rudd is a Major One Direction Fan, White Christmas

Paul Rudd (and the rest of the Anchorman 2 guys) stopped by Saturday Night Live for some holiday fun. He was joined by musical guest One Direction, who tend to get involved in the action. While they played characters that were basically latin versions of themselves the last time they were on the show (when Sofia Vergera hosted), this time they stuck to playing themselves with a cameo in the opening monologue and a hilarious sketch where Paul Rudd was a huge 1D fan. Surrounded by girls the appropriate age to be 1D fangirls, he stands out like a sore thumb that had me laughing throughout.


Watch the One Direction Concert Line:

[youtube id=”mR0IgckZUio” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Another funny bit from the night was the “White Christmas” trailer spoof. While Paul Rudd’s Madea was funny, the biggest laugh of the bit came from the quotes towards the end including “Can’t we have anything?” from VIBE and “The Mackelmore of movies.”

Watch the White Christmas trailer:

Other Odds and Ends:



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