Samurai Jack Headed to Toonami

With 2013 rapidly coming to a close, you would think there are no more surprises in store for [adult swim]/Toonami. Well, you thought wrong… Our friends over at Toonami Faithful sat down with Jason DeMarco (a.k.a.: The guy who runs Toonami), who revealed that CN classic, “Samurai Jack” would be airing very soon on the block.

For those who don’t remember, “Samurai Jack” is an animated action show that aired on Cartoon Network in the early 2000’s. It was created by Genndy Tartakovsky, whom you may remember was the creator of “Dexter’s Lab” as well as “Symbiotic Titan” (another show currently rerunning on Toonami), as well as the pilot for “Korgoth of Barbaria.”


“Samurai Jack” is the story of a young prince who is sent through time by Aku, an ancient demon. The series took “Jack” on a trip through time and space, meeting random Scotsmen, Robots, and more. What hardcore “Jack” fans will remember is the vivid imagery and music from the series. In addition to the series, a couple of games were produced for various consoles. For the good part of a decade, rumblings of a feature-length “Samurai Jack” movie have gone hot and cold as well. With this resurrection of the original series, who knows what will happen?

We’re not sure of a timeline for Jack’s return to TV as of yet, but its set to be rather soon (figure sometime in the next few months. Toonami seems to work fast anyway). Of course, Toonami Central/Faithful will keep you posted on any future updates.

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