RIO 2 Movie Trailer Focuses on the Funny

With its recently released trailer, Rio 2 presents the story of what happened to the characters after the events in the first film, Rio. The sequel, directed by Carlos Saldanha, has an all-star cast that includes Anne HathawayJesse EisenbergLeslie MannJemaine Clement and Jamie Foxx.

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The basic plot of Rio 2 is summed up in the first half of the trailer. Blue macaws Jewel (Hathaway) and Blu (Eisenberg) are living comfortably with their three children as domesticated birds in Rio de Janeiro. It’s New Year’s Day, where everyone, from dentists to students to motorcycle lawyers, celebrates in the streets. As the celebrations die down, Jewel decides she wants the kids to go back to their roots and see what it’s like to live in the Amazon, much to Blu’s dismay.

The family makes the trip and discovers a flock of macaws, including Jewel’s father. This is a big surprise, because in the first film it was stated that Blu and Jewel were the last of their kind. Meanwhile, Nigel the cockatoo (Clement) has returned and is plotting his revenge on the macaw family.

The trailer displays the movie well; viewers know enough about the plot to decide whether they’re interested in seeing the movie without having the film spoiled for them (unlike some other trailers we’ve seen recently). Characters from the previous film all appear in the trailer along with new cast members, which give the fans a nice mix of familiar and unfamiliar. The trailer is also equipped with a couple of the fun jokes from the film — all family-friendly and entertaining for both children and adults.

The Conflict?

The trailer, however, seems to focus more on including funny lines than adding plot-relevant aspects. For example, the clip doesn’t address any clear conflict. Although we get a glimpse of Nigel, one of the main protagonists from the first film, we are not sure what he’s planning to do or how he will get his revenge (other than “pooping on their party”). Instead, the trailer features characters dancing and jungle critters singing to show that the film is light-hearted and fun — a perfect movie for children to see.

Additionally, the preview is very clearly directed to an audience that has already seen the first film. This does make sense, since Rio 2 is a sequel. However, this leaves those who have not seen the first film wondering who those explorers in the boat are — Linda (Mann) and Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro), both of whom were in the first film — and why a British cockatoo is so unhappy about birds having fun in the Amazon. Even though this could be confusing to people who haven’t seen the first film, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being curious about the sequel may lead these people to watch Rio and then Rio 2.

Rio 2 looks like it will be a fun film that children and adults can enjoy. As the conflict isn’t clearly shown in the trailer, the audience has that surprise waiting for them when they see the film in theaters. It does look like you’ll need to know about the events in the first film to enjoy this one, so make sure you watch Rio if you decide to see Rio 2!

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