RED 2 Blu-Ray Review

Red 2 reunites an all-star cast for a second go at something that Hollywood did right the first time around, and I loved just about every moment of it.

Moviegoers have applauded Bruce Willis and his tenacity for saving the day for decades now, and even though the possibility of being let down during the course of a sequel is high, Red 2 has all the elements of a great film and doesn’t fail to deliver on them either.

In Red 2, Willis revisits the character of Frank Moses, a former secret agent that is now retired, but considered to be extremely dangerous. Moses is content living a simple and safe life with his girlfriend, Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), despite her constant nagging to take up some more adventurous leisure time activities. Just as she looks to be considering death from boredom, Marvin (John Malkovich) re-emerges with a new conspiracy theory.

Not unlike the first installment in this franchise, Red, Frank and Marvin find themselves in the very precarious position of being wanted men after governments secrets are leaked on the internet. In order to clear their names, and eliminate the hefty price tag on their heads (read: bulls eye), they must once again take a break from the comforts of retirement and head back to work. Along with former operative and friend, Victoria (Helen Mirren), they uncover the truth and manage to save innocent lives in the process – including their own.


Although the story is not a blatant attack of bureaucracy, there is some underlying social commentary going on in this film. Nonetheless, it’s easy to enjoy Red 2 for what it is without focusing on any of that (unless you want to) and be quite entertained. If you’re looking for a little more depth in your movie watching experience, this film easily allows for it.

The Red 2 Blu-ray combo pack includes a DVD version of the film and a digital copy (which you can download on multiple platforms), and boasts some fun extras including a gag reel and deleted scenes. The film looks and sounds great on both transfers, and is a humorous viewing experience all the way around.

Red 2 is available now in-stores and online.

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