REASONABLE DOUBT Trailer Gives Away A Little Too Much

Reasonable Doubt, an upcoming crime thriller directed by Peter Howitt (Laws of Attraction) and starring Samuel L. Jackson (The Avengers) and Dominic Cooper is the story of a lawyer who accidentally hits and kills a man that dives in front of his car only to be the prosecutor in the case against a man he knows to be innocent.

The brief, one sentence summary above pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the movie in order for your interest to be piqued. It’s the unique story of a lawyer who, after covering up a hit and run, must decide whether to admit his guilt or let an innocent man suffer. As it turns out, there is much more to the movie than that, and for better or worse, the trailer makes that clear. Watch if you dare, because there are major spoilers:

[youtube id=”bGJHY5DQeQE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The trailer begins with the district attorney driving down the road at night and goes on to show him hit a man who jumps in front of his car. He runs out of his car and crouches next to the dying man who mutters, “I can’t stay”. Before he says anything else, Mitch Brockden (Cooper), the protagonist, says that he is sorry and you hear him take something out of his pocket. He then runs away.

Mitch is now at home, listening as a radio announcement notes that last night’s hit-and-run has turned into a gruesome murder investigation. Instantly, he is shown in his firm amid other prosecutors, social security disability lawyers and district attorneys. He faces the man who was brought in and charged with the murder and is given the job of prosecutor in his case.

The trailer could have ended here, but it didn’t. Like we said ealier, there are spoilers, so if you want to be surprised during the movie, stop reading right now. As the story continues to unfold, you find out that Mitch throws the case and lets the seemingly innocent Davis (Jackson) go. When he confronts the man after the court case he notices that he’s holding a gold lighter, the item he withdrew from his pocket at the scene of the crime, and must have left there.

The trailer then jumps ahead to provide even more details of the story, events which moviegoers will probably not want to know until they see the movie. What follows is Mitch’s realization that the man he let go was actually torturing the victim, and he dove in front of his car in order to escape. He tells Davis that he won’t let him get away with this, but the victim says he will or he will ruin him. Suddenly he’s on about how family is important, and the next thing you know he’s in Mitch’s house, alone with his family.

This film is definitely one that keeps moving and intensifying from start to finish, just as a good thriller should. The problem with the trailer is that it doesn’t seem to leave anything a mystery. Just about every part of the film is revealed. If it wasn’t so interesting, the trailer might deter me from bothering to watch the movie at all, but the story is definitely one that has potential.

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