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Check Out Nintendo’s Metroid Prime on the Oculus Rift

One of the best things about the Oculus Rift and the continual ramping up of CPU hardware is the ability to emulate games from previous platforms no longer available for purchase. I personally have a truckload of abandonware games that I enjoy from the comfort of my external harddrive. Or in the case of this video, clever programmers often find new and exciting ways to experience classic games. YouTuber Cymatic Bruce recently used a combination of Dolphin EMU (a Gamecube emulator), Tridef3D (an Oculus Rift 3D injector program), and Xpadder (a keyboard/mouse-to-controller rebinder) to do something darn right schnazzy. Long story short, he got Metroid Prime working with an Oculus Rift. Well, isn’t that’s a dandy thing to see.

Check it out here. Gameplay starts around the 10 minute mark:



This is a totally unofficial hack, and if you don’t own a copy of Metroid Prime, it’s technically copyright infringement. Oh no. Call the cops. Stop downloading all the cars. But that doesn’t stop it from being very cool, as well as an exciting promise of what we can expect from the emerging VR technology. Imagine someone slapping this into Perfect Dark or Timesplitters, or any of the other Metroid Prime games for that matter. Console players, you need to lobby for this type of support. Write your video game representative today.

I’m feeling particularly gilded in gems seeing news like this. Someone fetch me my pipe and my copy of Goldeneye. Post haste!

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