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Well, I most certainly didn’t expect this. Happy Hump Day to me. Tomorrow there’s a big Nintendo Direct (which I will equally cheer and/or cry about), but some trailers have sneaked out of the gate early. This is the case with Hyrule Warriors (working title), a partnership between the Big N and Tecmo Koei, the latter most famous for the Dynasty Warriors series. That’s right. A Legend of Zelda-themed Dynasty Warriors style game.


Check out the nearly unbelievable trailer below:



You’ll play as Link fighting hordes of moblins and dinolfos and even big-ass Dodongos with a variety of series-staple weapons. Even from this short trailer, I feel a strange tingling. Why am I so excited about this? Is this what joy feels like with Nintendo now? I want Nintendo to pull itself out of its slump with some new ideas, sorely lacking in recent months, and make the WiiU a tenable console again, itching to fill that vacant market of colorful, energetic, polished games they used to make. Even with the hilarious “”not final name” disclaimer. (I imagine the final version will have something appropriately Japanese, like Hyrule Warriors: Super Perfect Flower Blossom Supreme). 

This seems like a definitely nutbar idea, like someone was kind of hungover at a Nintendo strategy meeting and blurted, “ZELDA. DYNASTY WARRIORS. I’M GONNA SLEEP NOW…” and was then promptly promoted to Smartest Man in the World. Then they teamed up with Tecmo Koei, who do nothing but make games exactly like this. They’ve made 40, count that, 40 iterations of the Dynasty Warriors formula, so they’re pretty confident on what they have to deliver.

Nintendo seems to find secret success by combining its expansive universes with other games types, such as its Smash Brothers brawler series or its first party sports games. Maybe this potential sleeper hit has the chance to bring Nintendo’s flailing console back from the dead? Probably not, but I’m interested to see what Nintendo has in its sack, ready to throw in our faces tomorrow.

hyrule warriors

Hyrule Warriors (totes unofficial, tentative, working, in-progress title) is expected to come out in 2014, exclusively for the WiiU.

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