Gobbledygeek: Episode 166 – Turbo-Man and the Shelf Elf Insurrection

Remember that present you always wanted for Christmas but never got? Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to strap on a jetpack to put it in your hot little hands, as your merry Gobbledy-elves ring in the holiday with a discussion of the 1996 “classic” Jingle All the Way. On hand is Elf King Jason Tabrys, who once more degrades the show with his unique brand of festive chaos, er, cheer. This lively band of Santa’s helpers marvel at the fact that Ahnuld could ever pass for a weathered everyman, express amazement that Sinbad was a person who existed, and reveal the true nature of Elf on the Shelf (it ain’t pretty). Plus, Paul and AJ become more estranged than ever before, which is saying something.

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This is the end, my only friends, the end (of season 4, that is).

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