Gobbledygeek: Episode 165 – You Are Nowhere

Bat-Turkey having sated his thirst for human blood on that most terrible of nights, Thanksgiving, Paul and AJ are free and clear to return to their regular podcasting duties. Joining them again is Joseph Lewis, here to talk about his new pilot Nowheresville, about a college student having an existential crisis about the static life he leads (not to mention girl problems). Joe discusses how the project came to be, what shooting was like, how awful it is to make two actors jog and bicycle for six pages of dialogue, and what the future holds for the potential series. Plus, the gang talks about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (not to be confused with the Bob Marley album Catch a Fire), Americans beating one another to death over Rachael Ray cookware, and some good old-fashioned college football.

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Doesn’t every holiday deserve a Schwarzenegger/Sinbad vehicle? We think so. The third annual Twisted Christmas episode “celebrates” the holiday season with Jingle All the Way.

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