FREEZER Looks To Be A Psychological Chiller

If you’re looking for a chilling horror movie to see this winter, look no further than Freezer. This psychological thriller will have you frozen to your seat with fear and the plot will always keep you guessing.

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Freezer, directed by Mikael Saloman. stars Dylan McDermott as Robert Saunders, a mechanic who is attacked and abducted while celebrating his birthday at a New York City restaurant. When he finally regains consciousness after his attack, Robert finds himself locked in the restaurant’s walk-in freezer with no clue as to how he got there or who his abductors are. As he tries to make sense of his capture, the freezer door unlocks. What he hopes will be his rescuers turn out to be his assailants, members of a violent Russian mob who are out for money and blood. They accuse Saunders of having intelligence and a hand in some bad credit business loans, which Saunders is completely innocent of and clueless about. Not believing in his innocence, mob members (including Yuliya Snigir) threaten to beat and freeze Saunders to death unless he can help them retrieve their money. After several bloody punches are thrown and terminal ultimatums are given, the mob leaves Saunders in the freezer to die, cold and alone. As the temperature decreases degree by degree, Saunders must figure out a way to escape before facing a chilling death.

While exploring his icy prison in attempts to find a way out, Saunders discovers that he is not alone in the freezer. Another victim, a NYC police officer (Peter Facinelli) is also being held captive by the mob. The suspicious officer adds even more mystery to the story while answering some of Saunders questions and ultimately confirming his worst fear; his only way out of his frigid prison is through death. While determined not to breathe his last breaths at the hands of the Russian mob without a fight, Saunders attempts to put his skills as a mechanic and his short supply of clues to use and escape with his life.

This film highlights the fears of mistaken identity, kidnapping and icy claustrophobia in a way that makes each situation seem like a plausible reality for anybody. Freezer will have you frantically solving the mystery along with Saunders before time runs out and his fate is determined by the freezing temperatures and the blood-thirsty mob. The unforeseen twists will keep you captivated the entire time and will the ending is sure to surprise you.

Don’t miss this much anticipated film; Freezer makes its public debut in selected theatres on Friday, January 17 and comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack on Tuesday January 21. Whether you prefer to go to the movies or watch in the privacy of your own home, put Freezer on your must-see movie list and get wrapped up in this thriller that will leave you truly chilled to your core.

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