What Did We Find Acceptable In The 80s?

It was one of the most important decades politically, economically and in terms of ground-breaking innovations. The 80’s was just as significant in a cultural sense, as many new musical genres took hold, TV moved into a whole new world and the world of computer games was turned upside down. We look at 10 of the best things about a decade which often splits opinion:

The Rubik’s Cube

Almost impossible to solve, this handheld puzzle-cum-toy was one of the most iconic of the decade. If you solved it, no matter how long you took to do it, you had enough of an excuse to feel really smug about it!


Australian soap operas

Although they first arrived on our shores in the 1970’s, Neighbours and Home and Away weren’t broadcast until the middle of the decade. Over 13 million people alone tuned in to see the wedding of Scott and Charlene (Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue).


Great TV cars

A lot of terrible cars were made during the 80’s, but there were a few gems on the small screen. KIT, the sentient car from Knightrider, often upstaged the star of the show, David Hasselhoff, which is never easy to do! Plus there was the Dukes of Hazzard where the biggest star and highlight of every episode was the car and car chase down in Dixieland.


The Sony Walkman


Listening to music on the go was possible thanks to the Walkman. It helped to change the way we listen to our favourite songs forever, eventually leading to both portable CD players and MP3s. The Walkman will always be fondly remembered.


BMX bikes

After the 70’s brought us the Raleigh Chopper, the 80’s was the BMX’s time to shine. Popularised by E.T., this bike was something every kid up and down the country wanted in order to show off in front of their friends.


Snooker and darts being big-time

Today, both sports still thrive after some turbulent times, but in the 80’s, these pub sports made superstars of Steve Davis, Eric Bristow and Dennis Taylor. Both were seen as more exciting alternatives to football, which was going through a rough patch at the time.


PEZ dispensers



In the 80’s they were all the rage. You could buy ones with Muppet heads, Star Wars themed heads or ones with cute animals on top. While the sweets themselves weren’t quite so tasty, they at least looked different.

Arcade games

Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Frogger and co was all among the best and most popular games at arcades up and down the country. As long as you had enough 10p coins, you could play to your heart’s content, trying to get the record score.


Digital watches

Having a calculator at the time made you seem cool, but what about a calculator on your watch? Casio made digital watches that no kid could be seen without, while having a calculator handy was a real space saver for school!


Smash Hits magazine

Its recent demise came as no surprise, especially with many websites beating them to the punch, but in the 80’s Smash Hits was essential reading for all music fans. Even rock bands were willing to grace its covers!

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