Doctor Who: The Burning Question

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When the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who finished on the 23rd of November there were so many questions, so many revelations, so many Easter eggs. What stuck in my mind was this: there were 13 Doctors in that episode. Which means that when Peter Capaldi joins us on the 25th December he will be the final incarnation of Doctor Who. We were told he was to be the 12th Doctor but it seems that has changed now that John Hurt’s War Doctor has been inducted officially into the Doctor Who brotherhood. With this revelation the Doctor’s days are numbered unless somehow, some way, his life can be extended. With Gallifrey now back somewhere in the stars this leaves that if and when the Doctor finds Gallifrey, the Time Lords will reward him with a new set of regenerations. I personally find this to be a cop out, it’s not inventive and it’s a little simplistic for a Doctor Who conclusion, so I think I have the answer to the burning question: how will the Doctor survive past his 13th life? Stephen Moffat has stated that there is a way the Doctor will go on beyond his 13th life and we all have forgotten this pivotal bit of information.

Here is what I think is Moffat’s plan. It all starts in season six of Doctor Who. We had  just found out who River Song is, she had poisoned the Doctor and  he was dying. There was literally no way around it. With the episode coming to  an end and the Doctor finally succumbing to the poison in his system, River decided to use the energy from her regeneration to revive him, it unfortunately wasn’t enough so she made the ultimate sacrifice to bring him back. She used every regeneration she had left (which is a sizeable amount) to restore the Doctor.

So what can we take from this? River has one life left, the Doctor is alive, and maybe, just maybe, there is one other fact which everyone just glossed over. The Doctor received a huge amount of energy in the amount of at least ten Time Lord regenerations. If you know Doctor Who lore then  you know that Time Lords can transfer regenerations to each other, either through consent, or in the case of The Master in the ’96 Doctor Who film, forcefully. With this knowledge I have reason to be that the Doctor now has at least ten new regenerations left. Eleven new lives to live, this will allow for many more adventures in time and space.

So what do you think, have I found out Stephen Moffat’s little scheme or is this just  wishful thinking from a die hard Doctor Who fan? If you think you’ve got a better idea of how the Doctor can live on, please comment below and let your voice ring out through time and space.

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