Crafter Builds MASS EFFECT’s EDI Entirely Out of Paper

Where there’s a fandom, there are artists and crafters paying homage by doing some amazing things. Remember when we told you a crafter on Deviant Art made a scale model of Mass Effect 3’s Jack entirely out of paper? It looks like he’s done it again with another fan favorite: the Normandy’s artificial intelligence and Joker’s lady love, EDI.

Ray Taylor, aka “Tankball,” built a three dimensional EDI completely out of paper, glue, and magic. Okay, maybe not magic, but she has some pretty cool lighting going on.

Is *this* the droid you’re looking for?

It took about two weeks for Ray to build this paper craft model, which was created by another Deviant artist who goes by the name of “Sanek94ccol,” or Sasha. It also took about $100-200 dollars to make. The cost all has to do with the ink, and maybe the lights as well. We’ll let you sit with that for a minute. Talk about dedicated to the craft!

If you want to try your hand at making your own paper craft statue of EDI, visit Sanek94ccol‘s page to download the artwork you see above. Or you can visit yet another artist based in Britain, XenonRay (Chris Gilman), for more even more Mass Effect models.

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