Comic Book Heroes in Slot Machines

There’s a new breed of video games in Vegas casinos

Editorial written by Samuel Lowe

Comic book games featuring our favorite superheroes are becoming a trend in the creation of modern slot machines. It is only fitting, since slot games today aren’t like the usual ones before that only featured fruit icons and a one-armed lever. Today, slot machines feature an exciting, arcade-like gameplay and intricately-designed artwork, making comic book heroes the perfect theme for slots.

Slot game developers are always looking for new or popular comic book icons that they can turn into slot machines. This is because comic book heroes have a huge following, regardless of the demographic, making them the perfect machines that can cater to both mature and young adult players. Thanks to the new movies of old comic book heroes such as Batman’s The Dark Knight Rises and Superman’s Man of Steel, slots can be marketed easier even to those who are seeing the comic book icons for the first time.

Whether a fan grew up loving superheroes through comics or games, he or she will definitely find hero-themed slot machines very enjoyable. Here are some of the most popular superhero slot machines that are either available for play online or in actual casino establishments:

Marvel Superheroes
What does Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Man all have in common apart from being superheroes made by Marvel? They all have their very own slot machine versions.

captain america slot machine

The good thing about Marvel slot machines is that they have this feature that is quite common with slot machines called “progressive.” Slots that have the progressive feature have a jackpot that is linked with other machines. This means that no matter which Marvel slot a gamer plays, he or she will have a chance to win that jackpot that increases its amount over time.

As for the graphics of Marvel slots, saying that it’s impressive is an understatement. Take for example Bet Fair’s Fantastic Four slot machine. Fans of Reed Richards and his team will be impressed with the slots’ reel icons, which are a mix of images that are actually used in the Fantastic Four series. Pictures include the Fantastic 4 team, its headquarters, its arch-nemesis Dr. Doom, and a moving image on the background of what seems to be Dr. Richard’s laboratory. Other Marvel slots feature a similar experience with Fantastic Four and are quite possibly the benchmark of how comic book hero slots are being made today.

DC Superheroes
Apart from Marvel, there are also machines for DC characters. These are being manufactured by Cryptologic, and some of their licensed games from DC include Superman, Wonder Woman, and of course, The Batman.

Green Lantern slot machine

While DC slots are quite enjoyable to play and has graphics that are up to par with today’s slot standard, it lacks the progressive feature of Marvel machines. In addition, the payout price of DC slots varies depending on the hero featured on the machine. For example, Superman has the highest payout prize in his slot game that is 10,000 credits. On the other hand, Wonder Woman’s biggest payout is only 5,000 credits. Batman has the lowest payout of the three, having only 2,000 credits as its biggest price offer.

In the end, no matter which comic book hero a person follows, it would seem that a game developer has already made a slot machine out of it. With enjoyable game play, wonderfully-designed graphics, and a huge following from their die-hard fans, comic book hero slots will always be something that game developers will continue making.

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