The BastardCast vs. Wonder Woman, Unicorns, and Robot Hunting

This time on The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy talk about the age of the X-Men movie universe, the difference between Bale and Affleck’s Batman, and the Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman news and all the nerd rage it hath wrought with Christina from Agents of Geek and the Intro to Geek podcast, before she leaves and things get WEIRD.

Are you protecting yourself from deviant unicorns? Do you want to be more of a people pleaser in the oral pleasure department? Have you always dreamed of hunting robots? Do you want to rub bacon on your body? If you said “Hell YES Snowflake!” to any or all of these questions, then we have got the show for you and we are concerned!

Also on the program: wassup with The Walking Dead, the Bastard John Snow vs. Tommy Lee Jones, and the Spider-Man cavalcade of 1,000 villains trailer and a brief and unfortunate fanfician detour into the debauched land of the gobbling Goblin!

All that and a how-to guide on using tortilla chips as throwing stars for target practice on this episode of THE BASTARDCAST (aka Ice Cream Jesus and the Downstairs Surprise Super Fun Show!)


The BastardCast: We’re surgical with this shit.


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Jason Tabrys

Jason Tabrys

In a white knuckled fury, Jason just deleted the bio he's been using for years so he can rap at you and come correct.

His name is Bing Bong, he's an archer and such. Also, he occasionally writes for Screen Invasion, Comic Book Resources, Screen Rant, Nerdbastards and elsewhere.
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