Awesome Superman Vs Batman Fan Trailer

As the Superman vs Batman film edges closer and closer to our screens we are inundated with fan speculation, rumors, opinions, awe infused but at times filled with disdain. Then comes the inevitable fake trailers. Unlike many films before it, even superhero films, Superman vs Batman has been given the fan trailer treatment since Youtube was young. Every now and then though there are trailers that make you sit  up and go hell yeah. Today  is one of those days.

With archive footage gathered from DCU Online, Pacific Rim,Man of Steel, LutherDaredevil and much,  much more one Youtube user has created a trailer for the upcoming Superman vs Batman epic that is  worthy of the title, World’s  Finest. A little  rough to begin with but once it gets going the trailer gives you the idea how grand this sequel could  be, if given the right treatment. Also who wouldn’t love Idris Elba as Lex Luthor.

Superman Vs Batman

Check out the Superman Vs Batman fan trailer above and share your thoughts in the comments below!


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