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ARMA 3 Devs Announce “Make ARMA Not War” Contest

Bohemia Interactive, the devs for ARMA 3 and the upcoming standalone DayZ, have announced a competition on player-made game content for their newest milsim, ranging from $27,000 to $270,000, totaling over $680,000 in cash prizes to win. They’re cheekily calling it “Make ARMA Not War.”

ARMA 3 is a highly modable game, with a robust in-game mission editor, allows player to crank out an impressive variety of stuff. They’ve created stuff from full-sized missions, a popular loadout viewer, or even a skate park. The official website for the contest can be found here.

Check out their official announcement and a trailer below:



The ARMA world is a strange dimension in video games. Typically, the term “military FPS” normally conjures up images of brotastic, adrenaline-fueled setpieces, awful online communities of swearing children, and addictive, fast-paced gameplay. I’m an ARMA convert, and I love and respect the series’ commitment to milsim, but I don’t know if it’s a fun game or not. That’s not really the goal. It’s incidental. I recently picked up Battlefield 4 and jumped right in, but was left with the nagging feeling I was betraying my long-term wife, trapsing off with a younger, more exciting, glitch-riddled gal. I was having a mid-life gamer crisis, I suppose. This contest and its burgeoning content may send me home, apologizing with an armful of flowers and chocolates.

The contest runs almost the entirety of next year, with submission ending in the far, far future of October 2014. You can get ARMA 3 on Steam for $59.99. Get to making some jeep rollercoasters and shark hunts!

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