ALMOST HUMAN “The Bends” Recap

Warning: spoilers ahead.

It is a dark and stormy night on this week’s Almost Human. A drug deal goes bad and now we have a shifty cop dead in a shady warehouse. Elsewhere, the following day, we catch Det. Kennex enjoying a bowl of rice while Dorian passive aggressively rushes him so they can get back to work. Of course, Kennex doesn’t listen so Dorian, speaking in Japanese to the cook, requests another dish for his hard-headed partner. With a smile and a giggle, both Dorian and the cook eagerly watch as the next entree is served up and delicately placed in front of Kennex.”Bon appetit,” says Dorian. In case you can’t tell in the picture below, it’s a freakin’ future slug. A live future slug. By now, we have a strong inclining that Dorian is a wise-cracking masochist.

Almost Human The Bends slug pic
Mmmmm, yeah, no thanks.

The dead cop is Kennex’s old friend, Cooper, from his academy years. He swears up and down that Cooper wasn’t shady, that he was probably undercover to suss out the ringleader, The Bishop. One small problem, the police didn’t sanction the investigation. It’s up to Kennex and Dorian to prove his innocence and catch The Bishop in the process. To do that, they need what The Bishop needs: a “cook.” This is where we start getting into “mad genius going undercover” territory mixed in with a little Breaking Bad. Kennex enlists Rudy (Mackenzie Crook), their mad genius tech who works on the bots downstairs. Apparently he can cook the bends (a new street drug) like Walter White can cook meth, only this drug is neon green.

It’s easy to see Rudy as the lovable smart guy who endears to everyone, characters and fans alike. “The Bends” puts a comical spotlight on him as he’s given an altar ego, some fancy Harry Potter specs, and a dashing hat. Probably the only off-putting comedic device they give him is a flatulence gag. Two, actually. Two very out of place fart jokes. Other than that, Crook gave an excellent performance during the time he was given. He especially gave a speech about creating art from your work and then falling in love with it. Here’s hoping we see that play out in a future episode.

While Rudy sells to the bad guys that he’s the cook they want, Kennex and Dorian are trying to figure out who The Bishop is. Turns out it’s Cooper’s captain. That’s right, he’s the dirty cop selling the drugs. Bum bum bum! Nah, we all saw that coming. The pay-off was the showdown between Dorian and another robot. It was kind of painful to watch.

My only gripe about this episode is the rapport between Kennex and Dorian. While on the way to investigate Cooper’s cabin, Kennex mentions that even though he and his old friend haven’t seen each other in years, he’s still deserves his allegiance until something proves otherwise. This resonates with Dorian, who is still learning the importance of human relationships. This scene would have been okay if not for what Kennex says next. Dorian calls Kennex his friend, to which Kennex lightly scoffs, “So now we’re friends?” This line seems way out of place, as if this episode belongs earlier in the roster of scheduled broadcasts. This is the interaction that stands out the most; however, throughout the entire episode, Kennex seems rather cold toward Dorian. This is way unlike they’re seeming closeness from last week.

Almost Human The Bends car pic
Can we all just get along?

It seems a little troubling to me that FOX already feels the need to broadcast episodes out of order like they did with Firefly and Dollhouse, but hopefully it won’t affect our view of these two coppers too much.

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