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 Take a vacation with The Way, Way Back now available on DVD/Blu-ray!  

Slip into that Spring Break mentality with Steve Carell, Maya Rudolph, Toni Collete, Allison Janney, Sam Rockwell and Amanda Peet. This hilarious cast of The Way, Way Back knows how to party at their Northeast Beach houses. Bring the DVD and Blu-ray copy of this comedy on your next vacation to see how these family friends drink away their days and dance away their nights. While we are just beginning the winter season, there’s no harm in getting a jump-start on your Spring break planning. To help you brainstorm, we’ve compiled a list of the best Spring Break spots for adults!



Booze, the beach and your own private house. Enjoy a Spring break of pretending this is where you actually live. If you want a memorable and intimate time with your friends, a beach house is the way to do it.



A place parents never want to see their children… and children certainly never want to see their parents. Commonly known as “Sin City”, Las Vegas is just that. Making poor, drunken decisions is not only condoned, it is encouraged. Vegas is the place for adults to let loose, and re-celebrate their 21st birthday, gamble their money away and indulge in risky behavior.



Whip out those spandex pants, your old ski bibs and your brightest down-jacket…we’re going on an adult only ski trip! Be sure to take videos so you can show your kids how it’s done on the slope!  If skiing isn’t for you, fear not, a spa day can easily be thrown into the mix!



That’s right, your kids won’t even be let on board. Live it up on the wide-open sea and dive into the time of your life. Breathe the salty air and taste the salt on the rim of your margarita. Take a Caribbean cruise filled with relaxing, adventuring and indulge in fabulous meals without even glancing at a “kids’ menu.”



It’s not just for college kids participating in wet t-shirt and booty shaking contests. Head out to Cabo San Lucas and check into a resort with a group of friends! Stake out a sunny spot by the pool, drink tequila and even enjoy a night out on the town.

Way Way Back






The Way, Way Back is available on Amazon now. 

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