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SOUTH PARK: THE STICK OF TRUTH Delayed until Q1 2014

Following the fiery destruction of THQ as a publisher, one of its many wayward children, the long-awaited South Park: The Stick of Truth found a warm, inviting home at mega-publisher Ubisoft. Unfortunately, this heavily anticipated gem has been delayed until March 4, 2014. A recent Ubisoft Blog post detailed the reason as the following:

“We always wanted the game to feel like you’re actually in an episode of South Park,” say Matt Stone and Trey Parker. “Getting the game up to the crappy standards of the show has been a real challenge and we’re excited to say it’s taken way longer than we thought it would.”

For Christ’s sake. This has been delay-tastic recently for Ubisoft, first delaying Watch_Dogs and then this. They apparently don’t want all my money. And the following 7 minute immensely entertaining gameplay video should convince you, too.


South Park has been around since 1997, now in its 17th season. I remember watching the very first episode when it originally aired on my buddy’s couch and literally falling off the couch laughing. In recent years, it’s become more of a ripped-from-the-headlines topical show with its short show turnaround. (Each episode takes less than a week to make.) The show has fairly skewered an immense range of topics, including video games with its amazing episode “Make Love Not Warcraft“.

What most impresses me is how Ubisoft has seemed to simultaneously capture the low-but-also-high brow satire of the show, and the classic turnbased RPG style of the mid-1990’s. It’s like Super Mario RPG meets fart jokes. Butters’ playful commentary and the Bard’s clever “B to Skip” prompt made me cackle with delight and the game’s design looks like a true-blue episode of the show.Let’s hope they keep their lazy “South Park Republican” politics so I have something to complain about.

Look forward to South Park: The Stick of Truth in the far distant land of March 4, 2014 on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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