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SNL Highlight: “What Does The Fox Say?” Parody Starring Kerry Washington

Last night’s Saturday Night Live tackled their diversity issue head on. With Kerry Washington as host, they were finally able to do sketches that include Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Beyonce and they took advantage of that right in the cold open while also acknowledging their shortcomings bluntly.

Not only did Kerry Washington do a great job, it seems like they really kicked their writing in to high gear to fully utilize her skills. Who knew she could be so good at Comedy? She’s much more known for her skills in dramatic acting thanks to her hit show Scandal, which surprisingly didn’t get its own sketch on the night. It was relegated just to the opening monologue, where the cast needed Olivia Pope’s unique problem solving skills.

But the ultimate highlight from the episode was their parody of Ylvis’ “What Does The Fox Say” music video and song with Jay Pharoah & Kerry Washington’s “What Does My Girl Say?” They were able to tell a complete story of a jealous girlfriend and wandering boyfriend within just a few minutes. Watch the great video here:

[youtube id=”foMQX9ZExsE” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Other great moments:

  • Kate McKinnon continues to be a Weekend Update star with her stint as Germany’s political figure feeling ashamed of what the NSA must have seen while tapping her smartphone.



  • “How’s He Doing?” returns after several years absence, thanks in part to finally having enough black actors on the show this week to fill out the panel. Hilarious and topical, including funny jokes on just how low Obama would have to sink before he would lose their votes.
  • And the best single line from the episode had to go to this other moment from Weekend Update, talking about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.




What were your favorite moments from the episode?

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