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The Playstation 4 Launch Trailer Is Action-Packed, Yells At You

The Playstation 4 is almost upon us, Invaders. Whether you’re lining up at midnight or eagerly awaiting at the door for UPS, the Playstation 4 is launching tomorrow, November 15th in the US. Tomorrow. On a Friday. So I basically assume that if you’re picking one up, you ain’t doing shit this weekend.

In celebration of their new, highly anticipated electronic monster emerging from its larval sack, Sony unveiled a new, loud, screaming Playstation 4 launch trailer highlighting taxi cabs, parkour over bus stops, unsexy car washes, road construction, explosions, dudes, bros, dudebros, and such:



WHO’S SCREAMING AT ME?! TAKE MY WALLET JUST DON’T HURT ME. Oh snap. That’s about the most brotastic thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. According to this, it will own your dumb face! Yelling! Action! All the graphics! The PS4 will literally cause your brain to implode and cause your taxi ride to flip over! People will yell at you from the aether!

Yell at me about… hey, is that Crash Bandicoot?

playstation 4 launch trailer
I remember you!

(via Reddit)

Anyway, next gen console gaming is upon us.  To be honest, I’m excited. More so than I was for the PS3/Xbox 360/Wii generation, which seemed to drag or for 7-8 insufferable years of stangant console hardware and the malignant tumor of fanboyism. I mean, my normal level of non-excitement has gone from meh to meh! in just a few short hours, so that’s a plus. I can now look forward to a whole new generation of gamers bitching interminably about which system is better. Oh joy!

Playstation 4 launches tomorrow, November 15th in the US for $399 USD, and November 29th in Europe for €399/£349. Look forward to our exclusive review of the Playstation 4, set to publish this Monday. We want a whole weekend with the device, and we figured if you’re going to get one launch day, nothing we’ll say will persuade your dollars from escaping your grubby fingers.

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