Photos from Eirtakon Anime Convention

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Last weekend I was at Eirtakon. The No.1 Anime convention in Ireland. Here I got to interview the magnificent cosplayer Riddle, Courtnee Draper the voice talent behind Elizabeth the hero from Bioshock Infinite and then I met Steve Blum and we had a great old chat. Along the  weekend I met with some great cosplayers, video game enthusiasts and we all just had a lot of fun kicking back and nerding out. This is a gallery showcasing my interviews and some of the stuff I got up to at Eirtakon.

I’d like t thank Shane Collier who was the camera man on hand. He got all the right photos and the video’s for my  interview were of a high quality, they are coming later. Eirtakon is a growing European anime convention, each year Eirtakon goes from strength to strength giving higher quality in talent and events going on. Eirtakon has a dedicated staff who strive every year to give all the  anime fanatics somewhere to  go around this  time of year and they succeed every time. If you need an intimate and focused anime convention head to Eirtakon 2014. I know  I will.

Keep reading to check out the photos from the con, and stay tuned for my interviews.

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I am a geek first and foremost. I love animation, film and comics. I live in Dublin, Ireland and love it. I have met so many amazing people over the years, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Mark Millar and Scott Snyder to name but a few. I love to sketch, write and talk about geek news. I went to college for five years, three years animation and two years communication and media. All opinions are my own so I hope they're witty and original, I'm fairly certain they're not.