New MASS EFFECT Hoodies Available at Bioware Store

We love hoodies and the weather that makes it appropriate to wear them. What we love more is wearing hoodies fashioned after our favorite science fiction/comic book/fantasy characters. For a while, we only had Star Wars and Star Trek taking over the science fiction category, but now we can add Mass Effect to the list!

On October 25, Bioware announced that its selling new Mass Effect character hoodies through their online store: Tali and Garrus. The hoodies were inspired by Christine Schott’s (aka Lupodirosso on DeviantArt) designs, who had pitched her concepts to Bioware over a year ago.

I’ve been following this process just as long and, as a huge Mass Effect fan, I’m excited to finally see this development come to fruition. Christine pitched a total of 20 designs to Bioware, and the company has so far chosen to produce two of those designs. Since Tali and Garrus are reportedly up for a limited release, there may be a chance we’ll see them rotated out for two more characters. Here’s hoping, right?

I’m inclined to buy the Tali hoodie, but I also want Garrus because…well, it’s frakking Garrus, guys, c’mon.  Oh the humanity! Why must I choose???

Tali hoodie and design
“Always be sure you are in proper attire before embarking on your pilgrimage off the Migrant Fleet.”
Garrus hoodie and design
“After many calibrations, the Garrus Vakarian Hoody is ready. Just try not to ruin it with a missile to the face.”

You can pre-order the Tali and Garrus hoodies now at the Bioware store for $58.00 each.

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