Must-Watch: DIVERGENT Trailer Starring Shailene Woodley

The brand new trailer for Divergent was just released to the world this morning, and it looks pretty cool. Check it out:

[youtube id=”sutgWjz10sM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The trailer opens with the line, “Are you nervous?” which creates an eager excitement to see more.

In a futuristic world, everyone is divided into different sections based on personality traits. It’s a bit like the medieval class system, although money or wealth has nothing to do with it. The world has been torn apart by things like nuclear wars, greed, attacks, and oil scams. The five different sections, called factions, are Compassion, Honesty, Intelligence, Selflessness, and Bravery. Each group is completely separate from the others, and even has their own color of clothing.

The main character, Tris Prior, is played by Shailene Woodley. At the start of the trailer she is taking the test to see which group she will fit into. However, the results are inconclusive. She is told that she will never fit into any one single group. These people are called Divergents, and there is a plot to destroy every one of them. According to the leaders of the time, the Divergents threaten the system.

Theo James plays Four, Tris’ trainer. The trailer hints at their love interest that will surely develop during the film. Tris is learning to trust Four, and in turn he begins to trust her as well.

Neil Burger directs the film. In an interview after the trailer was released, he said wanted it to look real, unlike other futuristic movies who get so involved in the sci-fi aspect that they lose the personal touch. It was shot on streets of Chicago and meant to look like it’s something that could easily happen.

The movie is based off the best-selling book of the same title by popular young author Veronica Roth. She wrote the book on winter break during her senior year of college, with the movie rights being sold before she graduated.  It is the first of a trilogy, with the other two books Insurgent and Allegiant.

While it will be interesting to see if this trilogy turns into the next Hunger Games, we’re excited to see how the first one turns out. Catch Divergent on March 21, 2014.


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