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There are plenty of touchy subjects in this country, among them is the death penalty in our prison system. The idea of the death penalty the debate around it focus around the prisoner, and the act of execution, and whether eye for an eye is a system that yields true justice.

Very few, if any, people put their consideration towards the executioners. Those whose job it is to take the lives of those sentenced to death. Society thinks of them as people who doing their jobs, the executioners see themselves as murderers. There Will Be No Stay examines the people behind the executions and delves into an area of this debate that has never even been considered by many.

(The following are excerpts from the official Kickstarter page)

About the Film

There Will Be No Stay is not a documentary about the death penalty — not in any way you’ve ever seen before, at least. It is, however, a film about the actual men who are tasked by society with carrying out the death penalty. This is a first-hand look at executioners, the pressures they’re put under, and the unbearable toll the act of taking another’s life has on their own.

There Will Be No Stay explores the intersecting lives of a team of executioners, speaking publicly for the first time ever, on their own paths to discovering freedom from their personal prisons. It is a journey of compassion and consequence through a process shrouded in secrecy.

As you can see from the trailer above, There Will Be No Stay is a nearly completed feature film, but the road here has not been an easy one. Writer-director Patty Ann Dillon began her own journey with the film over five years ago as she set out to make a documentary not about people on death row, the crimes that put them there, or the legal system that passed down their sentence, but the individuals no one ever talks about: the executioners.

Why We Need Help 

There Will Be No Stay has been a passion project for years, and while Patty was ultimately able to break through the shroud of secrecy and expose a crucial side of the death penalty the public never gets to see, the stories she discovered won’t adequately see the light of day unless the film can afford the finishes those stories deserve. This has been a privately-funded production up until this point, but bank accounts are running on fumes, and now that it’s so very, very close to the finish line it’s simply too late to give up or half-ass it.

For the rest of the official text, head to their Kickstarter page.

There Will Be No Stay is directed by Patty Dillon. She is a stunt woman turned documentary filmmaker living in Omaha, Nebraska who has dedicated the last five years of her life to uncovering a side of the death penalty that the public knows too little about. She’s joined by the Austin, TX-based Arcanum Pictures, who previously produced Grow Up, Tony Phillips, which world premiered at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival.

Arcanum Pictures is an Austin-based producing team founded by Peter Hall and Paul Gandersman working in narrative short and feature films, as well as commercials.

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