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Gift Guide 2013: Presents for South Park Fanatics

South Park is one of the longest running shows in the history of television, currently running it’s incredible 17th season, and over the years, it has picked up quite a fan following. So if you are stumped on what to get your friend or family members, and you know they are huge South Park fans, then check out some of our favorite South Park related items that you can get for this Christmas season!


1. South Park Scarf


Looking for the perfect gift to help your loved ones bundle up for the cold holiday? Well check out this amazing scarf that has virtually all of the main recurring characters on the show, including Jesus, the now dead Chef character, and our beloved crop of four main boys.

Buy it here!

2. South Park Cufflinks


Want to class it up a bit while still showing you’re love for this amazing show? Then buy the I Love South Park cuff links pictured above and wear them out to your next formal occasion

If you want it, you can purchase them here!

3. Towelie Towel


I mean, is there a better possible towel for any South Park fan, or just anyone really for that matter? Towelie is one of the most iconic characters in the history of the TV show, and now you can have your very own Towelie in your bathroom!

Wanna get high? Get it here!

4.  Stick of Truth Wizard Edition


Next year, South Park makes the jump back into the video game world, and for the first time on a next gen console, by releasing the Stick of Truth. Now, you can pre-order the classic Grand Wizard edition, throwing back to the Lord of the Rings episodem which will be released on March 4, 2014.

Pre-order it on Amazon before it’s too late!

5. South Park Yahtzee


Who could forget Stan being sucked into facebook only to have to fight his way out by, of course, playing Yahtzee. Well it seems like toy makers have taken note, as the popular game now comes with a South Park theme!

Want to own it for Christmas. Find it here!

6. South Park Ornaments


Wrapping up,we have the perfect ornaments for your Christmas tree! This five pack of ornaments features Chef along with the main four characters, including a particularly cold Kenny figure. These ornaments will be a great way to finish off your Christmas holiday shopping and decorating!

Get these ornaments on your tree by going here!

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