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It’s that time again. Time for another film review. This time I’ll be reviewing the film Don Jon from writer, director and star Joseph Gordon Levitt. Don Jon is  Joseph Gordon Levitt’s directorial debut and what a film it is. Roll on the review.

Jon Martello ( Don Jon to his friends) is the man, loved by the  women, respected by men he is the ultimate dude, with a short list of things he cares about: “my body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my boys, my girls, my porn”. Don Jon has an incredibly active sex life  and yet he has an even more active porn viewing lifestyle, explaining that porn fulfills him and regular sex does not. Then he meets Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) and he believes maybe he  has found the woman who could ffulfillhim finally.


Don Jon is an interesting film. In the beginning you see a simple film about dudes and porn and sexy ladies. Then the second half of the film hits, Esther (Julianne Moore) comes into the film and then you realize there is a lot more to this  film than you realize. It’s a Transformer, more than meets the eyes. This is a film about the  expectations people have in life against the realization of what life truly is. It’s about the generations of people who have been brainwashed by Disney to believe you’ll always get a happy  ending. It’s a film about the generations of men who have been brainwashed by porn to believe sex is an incredibly raunchy orgy of  flesh on flesh where women will be objects for your pleasure.  The film gives a fantastic point of view on this subject that isn’t shoved down your  throat. The soundtrack is both enjoyable and hilarious as there a great beat to Don Jon’s life that just screams cool. With a supporting cast of  Tony Danza and Brie Larson the film has a lot  going for it, but it  doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Some  of  the plot elements don’t  gel as well as they should. Certain sub-plots feel shoehorned together and I felt they weren’t necessary but  this is all nitpicking from a guy  who came out  of this film highly entertained and satisfied.


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