Disney Holding More Open Casting Calls

Remember when we told you that Disney was holding open casting calls across the UK, possibly for Star Wars: Episode VII? Well, they recently announced an open casting call right here in the United States, too. The description is the same, they’re casting for a woman to play 17-18 year old “Rachel,” and a young man to play 19-23 year old “Thomas.”

Jana and Jacen Solo, not necessarily the roles being cast.

There are a couple of details we seemed to miss last time we covered this story, or maybe it wasn’t added into the UK memo, but this announcement is specifically asking for the “pretty” people. First of all, this is kind of a given since, duh, it’s Hollywood. You’re practically cast out of normal society if you’re not up to their warped standards of good looks. Secondly, doesn’t it kind of feel like a slap in the face to people who don’t deem themselves attractive? We don’t know why this stood out for us, we just thought it interesting that it had to be spelled out for those wanting to apply. If you ask us, if you think got the acting chops but are not confident in your looks, you owe it to yourself to say “Frak it, I’m going to try anyway.” We can’t let another Megan Fox squeak through the wood works.

In recent news, Saoirse Ronan announced publicly that she had lost out on landing what we can assume would be the Rachel role. While J.J. Abrams is keen on working with British actors, he also mentioned that he wants to cast the net as wide as possible to find just the right actors to fill his roles. He has even announced online submissions.

Aspiring actors going to any of the casting locations will meet with casting director Maryellen Aviano, whose recent credits include Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Inception, Transformers 1-4, Man Of Steel, Oz The Great And Powerful, The Avengers, Hangover Part III, and Django Unchained.

The next Meet & Greet casting calls are on

  • November 14, 2013
    Park West Theatre
    322 W. Armitage Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60614
    3pm – 8pm
  • November 17, 2013
    Somerset Inn
    2601 W. Big Beaver Rd.
    Troy, MI 48084
    12pm – 5pm
  • November 22, 2013
    Hilton – Austin
    500 E. 4th St.
    Austin, TX 78701
    3pm – 8pm
  • November 24, 2013
    Sheraton – Nashville Downtown
    623 Union St.
    Nashville, TN 37219
    12pm – 5pm
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