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BioWare Teases MASS EFFECT 4 with Twitter Pics

Employees of BioWare, the studio responsible for the Mass Effect series, tweeted several pictures of Mass Effect 4 in progress. The team celebrated N7 Day 2013, the 5 year anniversay of the first Mass Effect game. They made quite a day of it, but the most tantalizing outcome wasn’t just celebrating a much-lauded franchise, but teasing the next installment. A variety of employees tweeted pics of their own, including their current work on the next game.

Take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes pics below:








See their whole Twitter Storify here.

mass effect 4
Promo art for N7 Day commemorating the trilogy’s cast.

Mass Effect, in my opinion, ranks up with Star Trek: The Next Generation, Battlestar Galactica, and The Matrix series as defining science fiction stories of our generation. The sting of the bewildering Mass Effect 3 ending debacle has faded. It’s time to move on, and I’m glad BioWare is moving forward with this series. I’m excited.

This is good news to see tangible effort being put forth on this. Mass Effect is one of those games that made 2 big advancements in game storytelling: meaningful choice and multi-game arcs. The Halo series did the multi-game arc fairly well, but Master Chief was always impersonal to me. He’s hard to like, mainly because he was a mute player stand-in.

Shepard was my character, both times I played the trilogy through. My male Shepard was the goody two-shoes Paragon Vanguard, and it was satisfying to see someone with integrity and honesty wrangle the political machinations of bickering species into fighting together against a common brutal enemy. He was upclose and personal with the enemy, an unstoppable biotic warrior. He left his mark on you. He was also the ultimate altruist, choosing Synthesis over Destruction. He did the right thing above all else, but honestly, he was a little bland. I wanted some Han Solo in my Picard.

mass effect 4
“Put the gold-pressed latinum in the bag.”

So my next playthrough, my female Shepard was a bit different. She started out a sharp-tongued, arrogant Renegade. She was also a space racist, a Terra Firma supporter, and a staunch believer in the superiority of the human race, including setting up an all-human council for Mass Effect 2. I mean, she was a bitch. Ms Shepard was a Spacer/Ruthless, a loner, an Infiltrator, not exactly the kind of leader the Council necessarily wanted, but the kind they needed in the end. It was most fun to see her be such a terrible person thrust into an amazingly undeserved spotlight. She made people get along because they were scared shitless of her. And then she goes and completely redeems herself by destroying the Reapers. And the Geth, but oh well. You want to make an omelette…

I’m curious to see where BioWare takes this universe. It has enormous possibility that we’ve only scratched the surface on. We’ll be following Mass Effect 4 during its development, so check back regularly for news and updates.

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