7 Unanswered Questions from FROZEN

While Disney’s latest animated feature Frozen is definitely above-average family entertainment, my first thought upon leaving the theatre was “boy, it’s a shame that Princess and the Frog was such a flop.”  And I immediately went home to watch it.  In addition to instant-classic music, complete characters, and impeccable animation, every frame of The Princess & the Frog is integral to the story creating the best possible film it could be.  It is complete and contained.  While Frozen attempts to cover these benchmarks, what I found most frustrating is that this story of the Ice Princess simply does not seem like the most interesting story that could have been told about this magical Nordic land.  There are way too many unanswered questions and periphery tidbits that are more interesting to me than the film’s plot.  Let’s talk about them.

1) Why does Elphaba Elsa have powers?

I need an explanation!  Why is she the only human in the world that has magical powers?  Her parents didn’t appear to have any.  Did her mom have a one-night-stand with a troll?  She just happens to be a princess AND have the ability to control ice?  This is a huge detail that seems pretty integral to the mythology here!

2) How does Elsa’s father know about the trolls?

No other humans seem to believe that magic exists and demonize Elphaba Elsa immediately for her witch craftery.  Furthermore, the existence of trolls does not appear to be common knowledge.  How does Elsa’s father know about them?  How does he know they have healing powers?  How does he know where to find them?  It is implied that he is an old friend of the troll elder, I want to hear about that story!

3) Where were Elsa’s parents traveling upon their death?

The kingdom of Arendelle seems pretty remote.  What business could possibly require both the king and queen to attend and leave their two small children behind?  C’mon, that’s just rude!  Especially when they made the terrible decision to lock their daughter away in a room forever and not think it wouldn’t mess her up (despite the troll’s warning AND the opening song’s warning in regards to “frozen hearts”).

4) What does Elsa do her whole life?

Elsa basically spends her whole life locked in a room with no one to interact with.  What does she do her whole life?  How is she not completely insane by now?  She seems happy when she’s building her castle, but it ends up being a completely empty ice interior.  How does she spend her time!  Why does she make such a big fuss when she is locked up, it can’t be much different from the previous 20 years

5) Why was Kristoff raised by trolls?

Um, this guy’s parents must have been real broken up about his wondering into a troll community and never returning.  What did his parent’s do to look for him?  The trolls seem pretty nice, why did they kidnap a little boy instead of taking him back to his village.

6)  Speaking of trolls, I need to know more about trolls!

Seriously, what’s their deal!  Are they always just boulders until a human accidentally stumbles into their sacred rock outcropping?  What other powers do trolls possess?    What is there role in this universe?  There are freaking TROLLS in this movie!  I want to know about the trolls!

7) Will Elsa ever be able to enjoy physical love?

In a movie all about love, they don’t even tease a possible love interest for Elsa?  Is she able to touch humans now that she has realized that she needs to send out love powers instead of ice powers?  She kind of seems like a lesbian though.  When is there going to be a lesbian Disney movie?


If anyone has the answers to these questions, please respond in the comment section!

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