5 Things We Learned From WOLVERINE Director James Mangold

Last night, we attended a screening of the unrated version of Wolverine, and boy, it did not disappoint. A couple more F-bombs were tossed in, as well as a few more graphic deaths, including a snow plow that, well, wasn’t used for it’s intended purpose. It was clear that this was the movie that director James Mangold wanted to release, but was hampered by the PG-13 rating.  After the film, Mangold joined the crowd for a Q&A, and here are a few things we learned from the experience.

1. Spoiler Alert: Hugh Jackman is perfect for this role

To no one’s surprise, Mangold started the Q&A by praising his star Hugh Jackman, who was playing Logan for the sixth time on screen, with a seventh appearance in the upcoming X-Men Days of Future Past.  Mangold talked about how he couldn’t imagine anyone else playing The Wolverine.

“He’s simply phenomenal in this role, and it’s a character that has evolved since it’s first appearance.  He’s an amazing actor, and he has made this role iconic. I look at him in this role like I looked at Sean Connery when he played Bond: I can’t imagine anyone else doing it,” Mangold said.

2. This Wolverine was different than before

Fans who have an eye for details surely noticed a few differences with the Wolverine this time around.  Amongst a few changes, the difference in the claws, which were sharp on both sides in this movie, and the change in hairstyle for Jackman were ones that stood out for Mangold.

“I simply wanted to make a movie that I would want to go see.  For me, you are always walking the line when it comes to making a comic book movie, because there’s an established audience who all have a vision for what the movie should be. You want an actor who lives in the skin of the character, and that’s what Hugh does with this character, especially in this movie.”

3. Many Characters were drawn straight from the comics

This version of the Wolverine franchise was a bit of a departure from previous installments, specifically with the location, and characters used in the film. According to Mangold, he was adamant about bringing the characters in straight from the mind of Claremont Miller, the creator of the comic.

“All the principal characters were pulled from Miller. The challenge for me was to make sure that it connected with previous films. You can’t simply forget that the other movies existed, so you have to call back to them. I knew it would be tough to follow Darren (Aronofsky). That’s like following Springsteen,” Mangold stated.


4. Wolverine Isn’t Invincible

Mangold said that one of his favorite things about Wolverine, specifically in this film, is his vulnerability. As long as Wolverine has been Wolverine, he has possessed the ability to recover from anything, including a nuclear bomb. For the first time, Logan can be hurt, and Mangold said that presented a fun, yet challenging, dynamic.

“It separates him from the typical “Superhero” aurora. If you look at Batman, who is invincible because of all his gadgets, or Superman, who is downright invincible, it takes away some of their human elements,” said Mangold. “It adds a different side to the character, one that the audience can relate to.”

5. This Movie Is Driven By Personal Characters

One of the biggest things that Mangold harped on was his use of personal moments with characters to draw the audience in. After he said it, I realized how true it was.  Much of Wolverine is driven by one-on-one scenes with Logan and Mariko, Logan and Jean Gray, and Logan and Yashida, amongst others.

“I like to make different movies. I like to bring sensibility and reality to situations and stories that are unrealistic. One of my favorite things to do is drive movies with personal, intimate moments with the characters, which you see alot of in this film.”

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What did you think of this installment of the Wolverine franchise? Let us know in the comments!



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