5 Things We Learned About Vince Vaughn From The DELIVERY MAN Press Day

In preparation for the release of the dramatic comedy Delivery Man, we attended a press conference with the stars of the film, Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders, and Vince Vaughn. The topics of conversations ranged from experiences with their own families to next year’s Lego Movie, and so much more! Check out five things we learn from Vince Vaughn, and don’t miss Delievery Man, coming out this Friday. Read our review of the movie here!

1. Vaughn Returned to his Roots– Vince Vaughn has enjoyed a storied career, bursting onto the scene in Swingers, before movies like Psycho and Jurassic Park 2. After that, he started to indulge in comedies like Wedding Crashers and Old School. However, Delivery Man served as a call back to his dramatic days.

“I do some pretty crazy stuff when roles present themselves. I started out in drama and then went to comedy, so now it’s nice to do something that’s both dramatic and funny,” Vaughn said. “The circumstances were great the cast was amazing, open, and lovable.”

2. Vaughn Expected Baby While Filming– All three actors spoke about how their personal life experiences of raising kids to help them guide their character in this film. Vaughn had a unique experience while filming, as he found out during that he and his wife were expecting their second child.

“It was an incredible experience obviously. The big thing for me is to make sure that you love the mother of your child. The mother is the most important thing, so loving her is important as well,” said Vaughn.

3. Ken Scott Got Vaughn on Board- Ken Scott had quite a unique challenge for this movie: remake a movie he had already made. Scott already wrote directed the Canadian version of this story, Starbuck. Scott took the challenge on, and was one of the main reasons that Vince Vaughn decided to hop onto the project.

“I saw Starbuck and I could tell how passionate Ken was about the project, so I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” said Vaughn. “One of my favorite things about him was his unpredictability. He effectively brought comedy and drama into this incredible fictional story.”


4. The Movie Mirrors his Maturity– Vaughn also spoke about how unique it was to film this specific project, saying that he was inspired everyday by the actors he shared the screen with. He mentioned that the maturation of his character David Wozniak is similar to the maturation he experience in his life when he had his first kid.

“It’s always great to work with amazing actors, and Cobie and Chris were great to work with. Not only them, but all of the kids in the film were great as well. This was a different experience then I’m used to with films, and it has alot to do with these people.”

5. He’s a nice guy…according to Chris Pratt– Of course the praises that Vaughn had for his co-stars were returned back to him by Chris and Cobie. Both actors had nothing but high praises for the actor for his ability and professionalism. However, it was off the set where Chris learned the most from Vince.

“You know people recognize me but I’m not a huge name yet. Vince gets recognized everywhere he goes, and he’s always such a gentleman and takes time out for his fans. It’s really inspiring to see how he handles himself in the public, and I hope that I can give off the same effort to my fans as well,” Pratt said of Vaughn.

Are you excited for Delivery Man? Are you a Vince Vaughn fan? Let us know in the comments!

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