5 Things We Learned From Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt at DELIVERY MAN Press Day

Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders have enjoyed surprisingly similar success in the entertainment world. Both star on hit comedies (Pratt on Parks and Rec, Smulders on How I Met Your Mother), both are in the Marvel universe (Avengers for Smulders, Pratt starring in upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy), and both co-star with Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man coming out Friday. We attended a press conference with these two, and here are a few things we learned about the up-and-coming stars.  Also, be sure to check out what we learned from Vince Vaughn!

1. They May Be Swingers

Well, probably not. But neither Chris nor Cobie held back when it came to talking about how much they admired their significant others. Chris Pratt has been married to Anna Farris for four years, and had their first child last year, while Smulders and SNL star Taran Killam have been happily married since 2012, and have a daughter of their own.

“I have a huge man crush on her hubby Taran Killam.  He’s a good dude and really funny,” said Pratt. Smulders responded “Well I have a huge crush on Anna. It’s kind of weird it’s a bit of a circus between us. Maybe we should switch partners?”

2. Chris Learned How to Wear a Robe

Understandably, the subject of parents, both the actors being parents themselves, and their real life parents, were brought up several times throughout the press conference. Pratt shared a particularly funny story about a moment on set where he realized that he essentially became his dad.

“My dad is a big guy, and growing up I always remembered that he would tie his bathrobe above his belly. I always wondered why he would do that, then during the movie I tied my robe and noticed it was above my belly. I looked in the mirror, and realized that I had become my father,” Pratt said while laughing.

3. Kid Opened New World for Chris

Each actor was asked how their real life experiences as parents help them prep for their roles in this film. Pratt, a father of a son in real life, has four kids in Delivery Man, and he offered a rather funny answer when asked about his kids.

“It’s funny how you see things through a totally different light when you see it through your kids eyes. It’s like drawers.  They are wooden cabinets, and you open them up, and your shit is in there. That’s awesome!” said Pratt.


4.  Cobie Loves Playing a Badass

Cobie Smulders has turned from a Canadian pop star turned news anchor in How I Met Your Mother, to an elite agent for SHIELD in the Avengers. Smulders doesn’t mind being typecasted into the badass woman role, saying “They are alot of fun to play, and in this case, you throw a kid in the mix! I think it’s fun and it’s great to portray a strong woman in this media.”

5. Chris Loves His Mom

This may not come as a surprise, but it looks like Chris has an understandably soft spot for his mom. When asked what the main differences are between Chris and his character in Delivery Man, Pratt hesitated for quite some time, struggling to find an answer. Eventually, he joked, “Well, my character isn’t too fond of his mother, and I happen to love my mom. So that’s one big difference.” Funny and cute, what else would we expected from Pratt.

Are you excited for Delivery Man? If you are on the fence, check out our review!

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