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5 Essential Box Sets Everyone Should Own

As the evenings get shorter, the rain starts to sweep over the country, and temperatures drop, going out at night seems far less appealing than staying in in front of the television. To help get you through the next six months, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of box sets that everyone should have. Make sure your collections complete, or give them as the perfect gift this holiday season.

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Breaking Bad


Never before has crystal meth been so popular: the transformation of a high-school chemistry teacher to a big league methamphetamine cook has gripped countries all over the world. With dry humour, dark humour, cold-blooded murder, and more twists and turns than a mountain road, Breaking Bad is a must watch for anyone who’s been hiding under a rock while the series has been doing the rounds on Netflix.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer


At a time where vampires are sparkly and teenage girls long for one as boyfriend, take some relief in Joss Whedon’s best creation yet. Vampires are ugly, blood-sucking villains, and TV’s best female character is there to take them down. Funny, fast-paced, and laced with love and friendship, the seven seasons will quickly draw you in, and keep you there.

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The Planet Collection


No box set collection is complete without the iconic voice of David Attenborough, unravelling the mysteries under the ocean, on the land, and all around us. From majestic humpback whales, the incredible gymnastics of sharks, and the mainly undiscovered ocean floor, to breath-taking African landscapes, and exotic rainforest creatures.

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The Office

The Office Ricky Gervais

Whether you prefer Ricky Gervais’ British original, or its American counterpart, The Office will have you laughing start to finish, while secretly wondering which one of these characters your colleagues see you as. The pseudo-documentary style filming and all too relatable scenes has ensured that on both sides of the Atlantic, the series is a firm favourite.

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Giving the classic novels a modern spin, Steven Moffat, Stephen Thompson and Mark Gatiss weave together a brilliant cast, witty dialogue, and scenes that have viewers puzzling over for weeks on end. Each series is a mere three episodes long, and sadly, is over before you’ve had time to relish in its genius.

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Written by Ben Skinner of competition website MyOffers who offer the chance to win your favourite DVD box set and other electronics in their free competitions! Visit them online at www.myoffers.co.uk


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