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Thirsty Thursdays: TRICK ‘R TREAT Drinking Game

One of the most under-seen Halloween staples is the Legendary Studios film, Trick ‘r Treat. It came and went in theaters far too quietly and only really started getting a fan base once it became available on DVD/Blu-ray and Netflix Instant. The horror anthology stars some familiar faces, including True Bloods Anna Paquin. The film has accumulated such a cult following since its release that a recent Trick ‘r Treat event they announced an upcoming sequel!

Trick ‘r Treat Drinking Game:

Drink whenever:

  • A pumpkin is prominently displayed in a close-up. (Fun fact: Most of the pumpkins in this movie are made out of styrofoam and/or did not get paid.)
  • You spot a classic (or cliché) horror villain, like the creepy little kid, the werewolf, the sinister shut-in, or the bag of candy you bought for the children but are going to eat in one sitting.
  • The movie is shot in Spooky Vision, where we get to see through the eyes of the bad guy. Spooky VisionTM is one of the great movie techniques, right up there with Off-Screen Hand Grab.
  • You spot Sam (a.k.a. that pumpkin head kid) just creepin’ around. [SPOILER ALERT: at one point in the movie he’s on-screen for like 20 minutes, so you might as well just finish your beer/finish your candy corn.]
  • You notice a character from one story in the background of a different story. Like that time I saw Jack Black in Demolition Man and it just BLEW MY MIND.
  • Someone says “Halloween.” OK, so this rule is a little obvious. But we were pretty drunk off candy corn at this point.
  • There is a surprise twist! For example, you always thought that the name of this movie was Trick OR Treat, but it turns out it’s a werewolf.
  • If you recognize an actor that was in a comic book movie, yell out the name of that character! (For example, when you see Anna Paquin, yell “Rogue!” ) Any non-nerds that can’t name the movie you’re referring to must drink.
  • Take a swig of Apple Pucker whenever you notice a sucker on screen. Double drink if it’s used to murder someone! [insert “candy is bad for your health” joke here]

Also, for you UK readers, the official account for #TrickOrTweet has launched in the UK. @TrickOrTweetUK is celebrating Halloween in the best possible way, by giving away exclusive prizes, sharing exclusive content and getting the twitterverse into the Halloween spirit!

From 12pm right through to 10pm @TrickOrTweetUK will play host to a number of activities geared to get participants ready for a night in or a night out on the town on October 31st.

#TrickOrTweet activities will include:

– A Trick and Tweet-a-long with The Purge from Universal Pictures UK at 8pm

– The Ultimate Halloween Quiz featuring a money can’t buy prize

– #HorrorFoods: What delicious lunch time delights can you rename to link in with horrific classics? Night of the Living Bread? Drag Brie to Hell?

– Horror Songs: Song titles changed to reflect the ghostly and chilling celebrations of Halloween.

– Submit photos of your costumes

– A celebration of horror icons and the women who bring them down

Join in on Halloween throughout the day and night for one of the biggest online celebrations of the year. Be safe this Halloween #TrickOrTweet with @TrickOrTweetUK.

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