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Thirsty Thursdays: THE CABIN IN THE WOODS Drinking Game

One of our favorite horror movies of the past decade and maybe even beyond is Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods. We’re excited to share Drinking Cinema’s game for the horror flick that throws horror tropes on its head.

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Print The Cabin in the Woods drinking game, thanks to Drinking Cinema:

How To Play:

  • Cut out the character pair pieces, fold ’em in half really slowly so you can easily imagine them smooching, then toss ’em into a bowl.
  • Each player (or team if you have >5 people) draws a pair from the bowl.
  • Keep an eye out for each character on your piece! The Cabinites are on the left; Officians are on the right. When your character commits one of the acts specific to their type (cabin or office), take a drink! Remember that some rules apply to both types characters, regardless of their cabin/office status. For example, drink if Holden gets spooked, Lin says “chem,” or either one of them fights back.
  • If someone on another team neglects their characters and fails to take a drink, make them drink double for their… transgression.
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