Pop Culture Pumpkins and Cool Carving Tips

Some consider pumpkin carving a child’s amusement, to others a seasonal craft project.  Not I.  To me it is a ritual, an annual meditation of self-expression and true craftsmanship.  My hope is that Ron Swanson would be proud.  The flickering warm glow from within the ephemeral canvas is as peaceful as the zen-like state I take on when scraping the skin off every gourd I can get my hands on.  Regular old jack-o-lanterns are so 2000 and late, so I prefer to find inspiration from a classic or current movie or TV show I’m jazzed about that Halloween.  Also, I never miss an opportunity to show off my oeuvre.  So without further ado, here are some pumpkins created by yours truly and my padawans.

306491_10100459294716535_2019873764_nRon Swanson (2011)

393681_10100469792069755_1798634654_nHellboy (2011)

309547_10100459295470025_1965917707_nBatz Maru (2011) *Padawan Pumpkin*

293609_10100459297081795_692887069_nNibbler (2011) *Padawan Pumpkin*

316139_10100469791825245_602969584_nDwight Shrute (2011) *Padawan Pumpkin*

190343_10101151880409255_1104723797_nBoo & Mr. Owl (2012) *Jeff Magers & Jean Rovegno*

579331_10101151748269065_1016360870_nFamily Sign (2012) *Eric Ambler*

69346_909331884485_4300637_nEmperor Zurg & Jake the Dog (2010)

Here are some tips for pumpkin carving:

1) Start with a pattern (photo you print form the interwebs).

2) Be sure that pattern looks cool in 2 colors (silhouettes are always a good place to start).

3) Clean the pumpkin out entirely and shave the inside thin on the side you are going to carve.

4) Tape the pattern to the pumpkin and poke holes with an ice pick to transfer the pattern.

5) Use wood carving tools to shave the skin off the pumpkin to create see-through effect without fully cutting into the pumpkin (available at any art supply store).

6) Cut a hole out of the top where smoke can escape.

7) Use a real candle!

8) Be safe and have fun!


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