NYCC Reminder!

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Wanted to remind everyone about all the NYCC/Swim/Swim-related events going on, starting THIS THURSDAY in New York City:

First off, if you haven’t seen the full list of panels, etc. that zetacoes posted a few weeks ago, go check that out. I also posted some late additions here to see who else will be around NYCC this coming weekend.

Secondly, if you’re at NYCC on Thursday and have nothing to do at night, join us at Junior’s in Times Square for our first (and hopefully not our last) joint NYCC Meetup Party with the folks over at Toonami Faithful. Party starts at 7pm on Thursday and will include some awesome giveaways, courtesy of [adult swim].

Thirdly! Yours truly will be on camera (once again) to chat it up with folks like Matthew Senreich and Breckin Meyer (Robot Chicken), Chris Elliott (Eagleheart), Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty), and quite possibly (pending confirmation) some of the folks from Bob’s Burgers. If you have any questions, shoot them to me via my e-mail or @ascentral on the Twee-tor and I’ll try and include your question(s).

Hope to see y’all at NYCC this weekend!

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John J. Galbo

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