Mom builds ADVENTURE TIME Nursery for Daughter

I stumbled upon this awesome Adventure Time nursery that the world’s coolest mom built for her soon-to-be-born daughter. What better way to stimulate learning than with this awesome nursery. All of the furniture items and bedding were purchased from Ikea. Keep reading to learn more about this cool room and to see pictures!

Description of the Adventure Time Nursery:

I have 2 weeks left before we meet our baby girl and for some reason nesting means redecorating for me – not cleaning. I’ve been working on her nursery for about 4 months. It’s going really slow. Yet I got the crazy awesome idea to also redo the boys’ room in a theme that’s really special to all of us. I managed to design, paint and put together the furniture (my husband helped me with that, thankfully) over the last two weeks. The baby’s room isn’t finished, but I still feel really accomplished.

We watch Adventure Time on a daily basis so it seemed fitting to fill their space with something they really love. I had to illustrate all of the characters, though it wasn’t that difficult. I had them all printed at Staples while they were on sale for $3.99/poster (18×24). They’re usually $27.99 so that was a total steal! I went ahead and sprayed some Krylon Crystal Clear in Matte on each poster, even though I doubt it was necessary. Initially I tried to use Glue Dots to stick them to the wall, but it was expensive and the posters are really good quality and really thick, so it didn’t work. I ended up using Simply Tacky instead. It’s not that elegant, but I wanted to be able to easily remove it and wasn’t sure the spray adhesive would hold up.

All of the furniture is from Ikea, as well as their bedding.

Check out the photos:

adventure-time-room adventure-time-room2 adventure-time-room3 adventure-time-room4 adventure-time-room5

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