The final trailer has been released for next month’s highly anticipated Hunger Games sequel: Catching Fire! In it, we get a few looks at the jungle arena that this version’s hunger games are going to be in.  It looks like there will be more wildlife involved this time around, as there are clips of monkeys and some sort of birds that seem to be bother Katniss. While the jungle terrain was a factor in the first movie, there weren’t any animals or anything like that involved except for the devil dogs that were put in by the creators, so I’m excited to see how that ends up being incorporated.

The film seems to have a much darker tone this time around, which makes sense since the stakes are much higher.  Katniss really had nothing to lose the first time around, and now she has a ton to loss. Peeta, her family, her friends, and she has a target on her back, not only from the President (Donald Sutherland), but the other tributes, who are all former winners, as well. Needless to say, the film should provide a ton of action, and I can’t wait to check it out!
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