Horror Icons: HALLOWEEN Director John Carpenter

Throughout the years, many directors have blessed us horror movie fans with brilliant films. In the spirit of Halloween, this week I will be showcasing a few of the most iconic directors who have and continue to leave their mark in horror cinema history.

Continuing on with my look at iconic horror directors, I’m going to talk about Halloween’s John Carpenter. When you think of Halloween and the scary villains who have bloodied our screens during this time, one of the first villains you think of is Michael Myers. John Carpenter introduced us to Michael back in 1978 and to this day he remains one of the scariest and remade horror characters. Institutionalized since childhood for the murder of his sister, he continues to return to his town and begins stalking his prey while his doctor just wants to help him out. It’s a twisted story that John Carpenter brought to live in a scary and terrifying way. John did this story in a way that made you think…could this actually happen in real life? Can a kid do something so bad like that and years later kill again? To this day, we’ve seen many remakes of the classic and yet, of course, none come close to the original. The images of a scared Jamie Lee Curtis will always be in our minds. John has also given us the creepy film The Thing and has done writing for many other classics like The Fog. Also, he seems like he’s probably the coolest guy alive and would literally tell you everything you need to know to direct a horror film. Are you a Michael Myers fan? Is John Carpenter one of your favorite directors?




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