Gobbledygeek: Episode 161 – Big Häagen and the Stuff Dumpsters

THE END IS NIGH! Of Gobbledyween 2013, that is. And possibly of the world, if Big Haagen has its way in The Stuff. That’s right, the final film of this year’s horror movie marathon is none other than 1985’s The Stuff, about a sentient yogurt-like substance that wants to turn you into a zombified consumer. Or, if you believe guest Greg Sahadachny, it’s all about gay panic and the AIDS crisis, man. Which, I mean, if you’ve seen the Stuff in The Stuff…well, enough is enough. Plus, Paul went to a So You Think You Can Dance show and the gang pours out a pint of the Stuff for Lou Reed.

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None other than Screen Invasion’s own esteemed pimp daddy and/or super diva Jason Tabrys makes his triumphant return! And this time he’s bringing along BastardCast co-host Jeremy R. Hudson!

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