Gobbledygeek – Episode 157: This Podcast Is Clean

It’s late. Your dad’s asleep in his chair. The national anthem plays. Static blares from your TV set. You place your hands on the screen, lean in close, and are confronted with the most nightmarish vision possible…the new episode of Gobbledygeek! Scary, I know. Paul and AJ kick off the month of horror that is known as Gobbledyween with a look back at Tobe Hooper’s 1982 classic Poltergeist, joined by long-time friend of the show Valerie Clark in her first (1st!) appearance. Does the movie hold up? Did Hooper really direct it, or was it all writer/executive producer Steven Spielberg? Is the film actually one long treatise on Reagan-era values versus traditionalism? Are the characters’ food habits the most disturbing thing about the movie? All these questions and more will be answered! Plus, the gang talks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (there’s a podcast on this here site that might serve to further illuminate you on the subject).

You’ll notice that this episode was recorded over a week ago. It would have reached your ears sooner had one-half of the podcast not almost died. You’ll likely be hearing about that one in the next episode. Luckily, the Grim Reaper lost this round, so without further ado, let us get our Poltergeist on…

Some helpful links to aid in your enjoyment of this week’s episode!

“Who REALLY directed ‘Poltergeist?’,” Poltergeist: The Fan Site

Valerie’s Twitter

Next time!

Friend of Gobbledygeek, author of YA fantasy novel Broken Magic, and goddess of pain Eric Sipple hops aboard the Gobbledyween train to discuss Peter Jackson’s 1996 cult classic The Frighteners.

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