COMMUNITY Recruits FIREFLY alum Nathan Fillion

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Community has been very much a misfit in the NBC line-up since the quirky, highly self-referential comedy premiered in 2009. The series has faced constant adversity, ranging from the unending rumors of their impending cancellation, to the firing of series creator and show runner Dan Harmon after the third season. Considering the facts, the announcement Thursday that actor Nathan Fillion had signed on to guest star on the NBC comedy, seems strangely fitting.


Nathan Fillion has been very much a misfit in the television industry himself. Prior to finding a stable home on the ABC  dramedy Castle, Fillion drifted from show to show. The actor is probably best known in the nerd community for playing the lovable scoundrel Malcolm Reynolds in Joss Whedon’s massive cult-classic Firefly. Fillion also starred in the critically well received, but largely ignored, Tim Minear drama Drive. In fact, before his most recent success playing mystery writer Richard Castle, Nathan Fillion’s longest stint on television was 60 episodes on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Placeperforming opposite a pre-everything Ryan Reynolds.

According to entertainment website TVLine,  Fillion will be playing “Greendale’s politically savvy head custodian who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, but is smart enough to wear rubber gloves.” Fillion’s episode, which is slated to air midway through the upcoming season, features his character “crossing paths” with Annie (Alison Brie) as she attempts to explore the Greendale Community College “corridors of power.”

Community is entering its fifth season on NBC, with many speculating it will be the series’ last.  The summer hiatus has seen tremendous transition in the small comedy. Chevy Chase left the show at the end of the fourth season, and popular performer Donald Glover has announced he will be leaving Community in the middle of this season. The departures of these important cast members coincides with the rehiring of Dan Harmon, who rejoins the creative team after a season away from the helm. It is this move which leads many to believe that Harmon is being brought back to suitably bring his series to a close. Will you be checking out the final season of Community?

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